The Good The Bad - From 018 To 033

Ennio Moriccone’s long lost post-rock project? Once upon a time maybe. If the notion of the sprawling spaghetti western tumbling blindly into modern indie rock doesn’t sound all that abhorrent to you, then The Good The Bad have found their audience. On this their debut full-length, the Danish trio present a masterful array of flamenco guitar, organ and baritone bass jams pasted across a glowing haze of cinematic rock n’ roll.

After a far from ugly show at this year’s SXSW festival, The Good The Bad have a perfect opportunity to make a cultural splash outside of the digital blog scene. There is something inherently sexual about their sound: the absence of vocals allows the band’s brash (The) Who infused guitar to breath freely; both equally soaring in presence while gently guiding the listener into a state of sensuous submission. Yet the consistent use of ‘orgasmic’ female sampling in the latter half of the record is wholly unnecessary, frequently proving to be more of a hindrance to the experience itself than a catalyst of enjoyment. Musically, The Good The Bad carry enough weight in their straight talking rock n’ roll to speak for themselves without ever once singing a note.



out of 10
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