The Go! Team - Rolling Blackouts

The Go! Team are back, and there isn’t really much to report. If you weren’t a fan of the band’s ADD take on garage-rock, hip-hop and garish sampling, then new album Rolling Blackouts isn’t going to change that. Opening track ‘T.O.R.N.A.D.O’ comes replete with blaring horns and a bit of scratching, and Deerhoof singer Satomi Matsuzaki makes an appearance on ‘Secretary Song’ where the band take a slightly more 60s pop direction. ‘Buy Nothing Day’, which features Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino, is probably the closest the band will come to making the perfect pop track with a chorus that’s ideal for the summer festival season. But while the sounds they craft are undeniably good, they seem to have backed themselves into a corner from which can’t escape. Can they develop without radically changing the formula? It remains to be seen.



out of 10
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