The Get Up Kids - There Are Rules

With 1999's Something To Write Home About, The Get Up Kids cemented their place in the footnotes of alt. rock history. A defining example of punk-fuelled power pop, they may have started out as contemporaries of emo acts like The Promise Ring but their melodic take on the format became the springboard for Fall Out Boy and their ilk to take the sound into the mainstream, leaving TGUK somewhat behind in their wake. A split in 2005 was only temporary, and There Are Rules is the first fruit of phase two of their career. Their basic sound remains intact, although the guitars take a bit of a backseat to the synths and electronic influences this time round. When this experiment goes awry (as on 'Shatter Your Lungs' when it all goes a bit Buggles) it's not so much fun, but long-time fans will appreciate the fuzzed-up opener 'Tithe' and the more new wave, bass-driven tracks like 'Keith Case' and 'The Widow Paris'. For once this is a re-union not just trading on old glories.



out of 10
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