The Deer Tracks - Archer Trilogy Pt. 2

Hmmm. When opening track 'Meant To Be' began I thought, "Ah, lovely trippy, ambianct electro. Perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon". Elin Lindfors' sweet child-like voice floating above the beats and percussion. Nice. But then 'Fra Ro Raa Ro Ra Fraa' kicked in, its cloying pop melody mixed with Lindfors' and David Lehnberg's twee vocals just grates. And so it goes. From the music box intro of 'The Archer' to the rather pleasing flutterings of 'The Dark Passenger', the album clicks along with its odd and rambling mix of tunes ranging from ethereal to cheesy pop. You need a bit of indulgence. Björk does this sort of thing very well, but in the hands of the less gifted, it can get old pretty quickly. It's a bit like watching a Bergman film (Ingmar not Ingrid). You know you should like it more than you do, but what you really long for is something more substantial. An exploding bus or something. Archer Trilogy Pt. 2 does have its moments: 'Vända Kinder', with its stark simplicity is haunting and beautiful but you get the feeling The Deer Tracks are going more for soundscapes rather than mere songs. A valiant ambition and perhaps something that just needs to grow on you.



out of 10
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