The Charlatans - Us And Us Only

I remember sitting as a young teenager glued to the radio waiting for the debut of lead single ‘Forever’ way back in 1999 and being utterly floored by the majestic seven minutes of flowing bass and catchy hooks; twelve years later, and that song is still just as good as I recall. But The Charlatans’ sixth album Us And Us Only is far more than its central track; the country and blues tinge that came to the fore in the likes of ‘A House Is Not A Home’ and ‘The Blind Stagger’ began to separate the band from the Madchester scene, in which they had played a vital role, and refresh what was by the late 90s becoming a jaded and much copied sound. This reissue comes packed with all the b-sides from the three singles as well as a motley assortment of live tracks that promise much but, without the cohesion of being full gigs, feel tacked on to fill space; the full Reading set would’ve made for a much more satisfying listen alongside what remains to this day a well-rounded and accomplished album.



out of 10
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