The Capsules - Northern Lights & Southern Skies

Although available in the good old US of A since the turn of the year, Dallas residents The Capsules' latest album has received a belated UK release - and you really wonder why they bothered. Sure, there are a couple of moments of note on ‘Across The Sky', an atmospheric tale that kicks the album off with a swirling, darkly mesmeric tone, and on the almost industrial ‘Our Apocalypse’ that is eerily entrancing - but the rest of the album drifts along aimlessly with a collection of run of the mill pop ditties that barely hold the interest through even one listen.

Some slightly more invigorating and interesting arrangements might have helped but, as it is, Northern Lights & Southern Skies is an unremarkable indie synth pop album that fails to set the pulses racing.



out of 10

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