The Cadillac Three - Bury Me In My Boots

In 2013 The Cadillac Three romped onto the scene with their self-titled debut. In the UK they were embraced fully by the hard rock crowd who latched onto their tough rocking guitar riffs, and they’ve been around the UK’s rock festivals in the last couple of years, including the daddy, Download Festival. Alongside this rock and roll high flying has been frontman Jaren Johnston other career as a mainstream country music songwriter, helping the likes of Jake Owen, Tim McGraw and Frankie Ballard to number ones.

Now in 2016 the trio are caught between rock, and a mainstream place. Johnston’s songwriting has become a country music version of Jekyll and Hyde. Half of Bury Me In My Boots, their second record, is bro-country, radio friendly tunes about women and drinking (“Ain't sippin' whiskey or wine / But it sure feels like I'm gettin' little tipsy tonight / You got me buzzin'”), most of it pretty damn sleazy. The other half is a set of songs riffing on the southern man theme: ‘The South’, ‘This Accent’, ‘Peace Love & Dixie’ (“Yes, we're southern by birth, we're southern by choice / One nation under God, yes, I'm southern by voice”) and is a whole lot more interesting.


Say it ain’t so TC3. It wasn’t meant to go this way.


out of 10

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