The Bronze Medal

With a name like The Bronze Medal, this Bristolian five piece are almost inviting comments like 'always the bridesmaid, never the bride' - an acknowledgement that they'll never quite reach the heights. The emphasis is on tight harmonies atop what passes for mainstream indie these days - the guitars always sound expensive (but lacking character) - and while there are vague, folkier elements to the melodies, the overwhelming influence is the quieter bits of Coldplay or Biffy Clyro. Yeah, that kind of thing.

Nowhere is this more obvious than on the second track of this EP, 'Womb'; with its slow builds and crescendos, you can almost smell the Sunday-night-at-Glastonbury fireworks. The final track, 'No Hospitals' gets a little more post-rocky in its intro but the end result is much the same. Ultimately, TBM are undoubtedly a bunch of very talented chaps but is this music you would cry, fight, or dance to? No - and that, increasingly, is the only music that matters.



out of 10

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