The Book Of Knots - Garden of Fainting Stars

With founding members originally coming from bonkers jazz-prog-metal freaks Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, it’s clear that The Book Of Knots are going to be something quite intriguing. The sonic influence of that band on Garden Of Fainting Stars is clear, with the juddering guitars and eerie atmospherics, as well as the recognisably brilliant - and urgent - vocals of Carla Kihlstedt. There’s a definite sense that some sort of harrowing nightmare is being recalled over the course of the ten tracks, with creepy spoken-word monologues mingling with blackened strings and a dissonant buzz on ‘Drosophilia Melanogaster’, and glitchy disembodied voices bubbling under mutant electronics and the sound of some lost soul trying to escape on ‘All This Nothing’.

There are some more straightforward, but no less epic, tracks in the shape of opener ‘Microgravity and the soaring orchestral aggression of ‘Planemo’ which features Mike Patton adding his inimitable ghoulish presence. Garden of Fainting Stars is an album at once disturbing and wonderful.



out of 10
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