The Big Scary - Four Seasons

An intriguing compilation of the Melbourne duo's four recent seasonal EPs, The Four Seasons doesn't entirely work as a whole but its high points are enveloping and luminous. Not only does each EP seek to differentiate itself from the others, there's a tenner in my back pocket that says if you came to them 'blind', you'd be able to pinpoint which season was which. The opening 'Spring' is ramshackle and joyous, all plink-plonk keys and jerky percussion. 'Summer' picks up the pace and shifts to electric guitar. But it's 'Autumn' and 'Winter' that really sink their teeth, Tom and Jo's voices merging in the half-light and a ghostly, expressionistic pallor dropped on the palette. With each EP given gravitas by an opening instrumental, The Big Scary go windswept and widescreen with deft and bold strokes. Promise noted; their October debut proper can't come soon enough.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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