The Bent Moustache - Pastures New Seasons Turn

We are very much in the era of the jangly pop guitar; once the preserve of East London and the New York underground, the phenomenon has gone global. The Bent Moustache hail from the Netherlands and with second album Pastures New Seasons Turn attempt to stamp their own mark on the sound. Marginally more experimental than most of their peers, hints at influences ranging from The Fall in 'The Sound Of Sirens' to Can in 'Heavy Jam' emerge.

But these flashes of brilliance are precisely that; the remainder of Pastures New Seasons Turn sinks all too easily into bland mediocrity. They tick every clichéd box on the list, from dual male and female harmonies to ear-piercingly bright, narcotically-enhanced guitar lines that are now so commonplace to be not just dull, but painful too. Such are the pressures on bands these days, you can see The Bent Moustache squeezing out the only elements of their music to celebrate as they join the identikit queue of hapless copycats; but while they are still there, a glimmer of hope for them remains.



out of 10
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