Thank You - Golden Worry

Some of the best bands in the world are so-called ‘power trio’s’, and Thank You are no exception to this. Their new album Golden Worry may only clock in at thirty minutes, but the different styles they manage to cram in is brilliant. ‘Birth Reunion’ moves through twinkling keyboards before descending into a post-rock wall of noise, while ‘Pathetic Magic’ is a chaotic amalgam of post-punk riffing, choral vocals and clattering, powerful percussion. ‘Strange All’ sees the band going all proggy, with kraut-rock rhythms, organ-like synths and scattered yelps which give it a sense of urgency. New drummer Emmanuel Nicolaidis seems to have brought with him a forceful and creative power behind the kit, and this comes through in spades on closing track ‘Can’t/Can’ where he moves from hypnotic rolls to bassy rumbles. Golden Worry is chock full of thrilling and fiery aggression, backed by a technicality which most bands with double their members would be jealous of.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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