Tape The Radio - Heartache And Fear

Arguably the hardest music to review is the type that doesn't make you feel anything. Give us something that brightens our day and we'll happily spout superlatives all day long; equally give us something truly dreadful and we'll take probably too much pleasure in tearing it a new one. But sometimes, what you're reviewing is just so bland and safe that it feels like an effort to even write one sentence about it. So it is that we arrive at London pop-rock trio Tape The Radio and their debut album Heartache And Fear which is as MOR as it gets. Combining bland guitar hooks with weak vocals for the majority of its running time, there's just nothing about it to get worked up over. There's probably an audience out there for this kind of stuff - imagine Silent Cry era Feeder seasoned with a dash of Keane - but that doesn't excuse making such passive dross. When the guitars do threaten to add a hint of purpose to proceedings, such as on album highlight (in the loosest sense of the word) 'Save A Life', the generic, dull vocals drag them back into the mediocre mire that Tape The Radio seem only too happy to preside in.



out of 10
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