Sukh - Kings

Sukh is a Manchester based singer-songwriter quietly making waves with his tender strain of acoustic folk musings. On Kings, the doctor, songwriter and film-making hobbyist compiles a cool 35 minute journey through lovelorn reflection, pastoral imagery and soaring choral highs. Having penned, produced and recorded the record entirely solo, his debut is a highly personal affair that successfully projects a coherent and singular blend of experimental folk pop. In a genre that's so easy for wannabe troubadours and guitar players to jump into, it usually takes something profound to avoid the pitfalls of vacuous derision; thankfully Sukh remains on level ground throughout.

The title track and lead cut will draw in a healthy fan base with its playful orchestration and memorable chorus but the real highlights come from ethereal moments found on tracks such as 'Den'. The song feels like a transition piece, with Sukh's vocals submerged in a thick wash of humid sonics, carried gently by collaborator Sarah William's sweet backing vocals. Inoffensive, meticulously produced and occasionally brushing the wrong side of MOR, Sukh's confident baritone and willingness to explore the unknown reaches of an age old sound ensure a promising career ahead.



out of 10
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