Suicide Silence - The Black Crown

Californian deathcore merchants Suicide Silence have been floating around the extreme metal scene for a few years, building a solid following without doing anything spectacular - until now. Third album The Black Crown sees the band rather brilliantly take the entire ethos and mentality of death metal, hardcore and other associated genres and throw it all together to create forty minutes of face-melting, fist-pumping, headbanging brutality. All the components you would expect are here: punishing breakdowns, furious riffs, machine gun drumming and a bucket load of technical showmanship, but backed up by monumentally vast and punchy production, this feels like going twelve rounds with Ali. The Black Crown sounds fresh and new, a real shot in the arm. This might be what all the “cool kids” are doing now, but no one does it better than Suicide Silence.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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