Still Corners - Creatures Of An Hour

Well, diddle me dum. Another smart little package of subdued electronica comes floating into view. We've covered the broader sweep of music made via 1's and 0's this year and for the most part, binary has been decked out in finery. (See me - Ed.) Add Still Corners is a winning combination of smooth beats, windswept arrangements and smoky vocals.

Delicate but far from twee, it opearates with the stealth of a panther in shadow. Their debut passed us by but we hold our hands up when we miss a trick; here's where we should all work to catch up. 'Circulars' and 'Cuckoo' recall Julee Cruise, Tessa Murrays's vocals adrift in the clouds. High spot is 'The Twilight Hour' where the sequenced melody gives way to blissed-out beats and atmosphere is replaced with subtle but irresitible kinetics.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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