South Central - Society Of The Spectacle

The Brighton duo release their first album proper after a couple of years of remixing and DJ'ing around the globe on bills that confirmed their rock/dance crossover credentials. If you were at the free RATM Hyde Park gig, you'd have been warmed up by their breakneck beats; likewise, recent tours by Iron Maiden and The Prodigy. Their own tunes are a forceful combination of rampaging rhythms and sonic depth charges that would probably work best in a club but most definitely would hit the mark with a festival crowd awaiting the headliner as the sun goes down. The likes of the stomping 'Nu Control' and 'Crawl', featuring guest vocals from one Gary Numan, have muscle but don't carry enough tuneful distinction to encourage listening at home. Well executed but not particularly diverting.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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