Sleaford Mods - Key Markets

Just over a year since Divide and Exit, Sleaford Mods return with another salvo of spit-flecked rantcore. Musically - and texturally - not much has changed: most of Key Markets (named after a supermarket, as you do) is still about Andrew Fearn wringing as much as he can from basic beats and agitated bass-lines so Jason Williamson can get stuff off his chest in the permitted time. The occasional pitch shifts are welcome ('Rupert Trousers' is oddly melancholy) as are the attempts at twitchy funk, but by and large, you're already on this night bus or you find taxis preferable to having to sit with the proles.

If your Twitter feed is full of folks agreeing that the Tories winning the election was a dreadful thing, 'Giddy on the Ciggies' plants a seed: “I know people care / We all fucking care / But care don’t dare, it don’t even scratch the surface." The implication is that words - and SM are about the words - are (fairly) easy, actions more difficult. Williamson claims not to have any answers beyond "educate yourself, be aware of it, be suspicious, constantly,” but later this year the duo will tour with CRASS' Steve Ignorant in a match-up that suggests a desire to move beyond mere commentary. So while Key Markets is solid enough, it's what Sleaford Mods might do next that's most intriguing.


A proper basket case.


out of 10
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