Silent Screams - When It Rains

It’s been nearly ten years since Killswitch Engage heralded the arrival of ‘metalcore’ with Alive Or Just Breathing and, despite the scene becoming increasingly stale and dull, there are still bands out there following in their footsteps. The UK’s Silent Screams are one of those bands, taking that original blueprint and adding a little of the ‘deathcore’ brutality in a bid to keep things fresh and, in some respects, they do succeed with debut album When It Rains.

When opening track ‘Assume The Worst’ kicks in with some rather satisfyingly chugging riffs, it’s clear to see these guys know their way around their instruments and with some rather ferocious growls to go along with it. They also appear to know the value of a good chorus and this is where the Killswitch Engage influence really seeps through as soaring vocals weave an epic element into their music. It’s a tool they employ through much of the album, working particularly well on ‘Mirrors’ where there’s a real sense of urgency to the song. Despite these flashes of quality aggression and melody however, When It Rains is ultimately rather derivative of a genre that has long since been exciting.



out of 10
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