Sick Puppies - Tri Polar

Single 'Maybe', the limpest of acoustic ballads, tells you everything you need to know. No wonder Radio 2 (as opposed to 1FM) are all over it. The album from which it comes, bar a ludicrous shift into screamo on the closing 'War' ("This is war!"), is just as cuddly. This isn't rock. It's the sound and smell of unprincipled compromise, a calculated attempt to take the mainstream stylings of, whisper it, Nickleback (singer Shimon Moore affects that almost trademark growling burr on his vowel sounds) and sell them into the now more lucrative pop-rock middle ground. You've got the louche, long-haired drummer, the pretty boy singer and the foxy female bassist. Listen: you can hear the TeenVogue editorial being written from here. If there's one thing we don't need right now, it's more piddling US MOR masquerading as something it most definitely is not. And as for the attempt at a credibly scuzzy name, it's the equivalent of Westlife calling themselves Cannibal Corpse.



out of 10
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