Seth Lakeman - Tales From The Barrel House

The sixth album from nu-folk stalwart Seth Lakeman is a solo album in every sense of the words. He wrote, produced and played all the instruments on Tales From The Barrel House and the result is nothing short of magnificent.

This enthralling ride though the history of West County artisans is a masterclass in classic folk storytelling with maudlin fiddles melding perfectly with Lakeman’s entrancing vocals; a combination that is shown at its best on the opening duo of the rhythmic ‘More Than Money’ and the stark brilliance of a paean to a dying art, ‘Blacksmiths Prayer’. Amazingly, the quality doesn’t drop off so that, as the final strains of the maudlin fiddles on finale ‘The Artisan’ fade away, you sit back, take a deep breath and dive once more into the heart of a simply brilliant album.




out of 10

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