September Girls - Cursing The Sea

You wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of the boots pictured on Cursing The Sea's artwork; likewise, Dubliners September Girls are a no-nonsense outfit determined to capture that section of the Rough Trade racks labelled 'reverb-heavy, indie girl groups' previously occupied by the likes of Vivian Girls.

Like Pins, with whom they share a mileiu, this debut full-length is a slight disappointment after the promise of earlier releases. A single, 'Heartbeats', has all the elements of minor indie disco classic, the tumbling drums combining with the sweetly coo-ed melodies into an addictive mixture of early MBV pop. These aspects are re-cycled across the rest of the album to lesser effect, resulting in a predictible confection that apes the genre without stomping much of themselves on the process. The dirty bass intro of 'Ships' and the occasional imposition of some organ offer a little variety, while the brasher 'Someone New' disguises a Pipettes sense of giddy pop behind the relentless effects, sapping much of its potential. This is a swirling, choppy affair that suggests they've yet to find their sea legs.



out of 10
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