Saviours - Death's Procession

With an almighty solo kicking off opening track ‘The Eye Obscene’, Saviours waste no time in showing the listener that Death’s Procession is going to be a good old fashioned slice of technically impressive and epically down tuned heavy metal. Gravelly, Lemmy-esque roars call out across big, sturdy doom riffs and later on some brilliant NWOBHM galloping drums pound their way through the listener’s eardrums.

‘To The Grave Possessed’ combines Baroness' progressive tendencies, with a classic-rock groove reminiscent of Scorpions, while Earthless guitarist Isaiah Mitchell adds some storming guitar-work to the screeching, distorted ‘God’s End’. The seven minutes of ‘Earth’s Possession & Death’s Procession’ take in a moody, stoner crawl before zipping straight into an aggressive, thrashing chug and yet more widdly six-string gymnastics. The abundance of solos throughout the album may be a little overwhelming approaching the record's close, but this is still a damn good record to let your hair down and bang your head to.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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