Savaging Spires

Arriving out of the blue and with little information surrounding it, Savaging Spires' debut is a quietly mysterious and sonically inventive piece of psychedelic-tinged folk. Evocative of an exploratory walk through some secretive vine-covered garden, this record sees rustic strings and lightly brushed acoustics providing the backdrop for distinctly English sounding harmonies and mystic tales of the devil.

There’s something darkly enticing about a track like ‘Trust’ with its simple acoustic guitars, screeching feedback and the siren-like voice that meanders in the background, tempting the listener into its eerie world of strange and curious sounds. ‘Apostrophe Lake’ clicks into motion with organic found sounds and an almost music-box twinkle, while acoustic guitars and various voices are layered one upon the other to create a densely textured and wonderful song. Savaging Spires is a rather astonishing debut to have arrived out of nowhere; the band's unique and bewitching sound drawing the listener in with every nuanced sound.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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