Sarin Smoke - Vent

A clash of distorted oscillators, brain-drowning drones and spacey melodic guitars means Vent, the second record from the duo of Sarin Smoke, is a particularly outlandish take on psychedelia, one a million miles away from the dull and sanitised variation so favoured by the "cool kids" in the San Francisco's and Shoreditch's of this world. This is dirty, heavy, uncompromising music in its raw form, the sounds of two men exploring where noise, however it comes about, can take them if they just let it flow.

The charm and the downfall of Vent are one and the same; there is no underlying meaning, no message behind the sound, this is purely music for music's sake. As it meanders along its merry way, the listener's attention comes and goes like a gentle stroll in the abandoned backwaters of the mind. Sarin Smoke take us on a pleasant, if somewhat brash journey that is enjoyable yet not entirely captivating.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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