Rwake - Rest

Re-emerging from the swamps of the Deep South, doom-mongering sextet Rwake once again deliver with their particular brand of sludge on fourth full length Rest; so heavy it seems slowed by its own weight, the hour of dense riffs and tortured yells ooze into the melting brain of the listener.

Despite how close the band come to sinking into mindless monotony, they never quite fall foul of that trap, keeping the music flowing and shifting enough to be hypnotic but certainly not dull. On final track 'Was Only A Dream' they even manage to be catchy, the glorious descending lead guitar line embedding itself in the memory banks long after the record itself has stopped; a tumultuous number with which to finish Rest, it also serves to show off the band's more progressive leanings, landing somewhere between Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. On Rest, Rwake continue to build their growing reputation and can be counted amongst those who carry this rich musical heritage so important to the Southern states.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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