Rude Audio - That Dirty Echo

Forget dubstep. The debut album from swollen London collective Rude Audio is anchored in dub, most of these tracks cleverly updating that old Jamaician sound with a modern sheen. The likes of 'Lufbra Vigil' and 'Streatham Rising' are all clanking, clattering percussion and deep bass. 'Now It’s Dark' runs with this production style further, introducing a breathy, erotic female voice to give a near Lynchian interpretation of the night.

There are other reference points too: 'Sleep Delays My Life' has that dance-music-for-rock-fans feel of early Chemical Brothers; 'Hippy House' nods to early 90s pumpin' house music. There’s plenty to take in here, although it perhaps plays better as a series of tracks than an album. With more than ten people creatively involved here, it’s proof that too many cooks can create an interesting brew rather than spoil the broth.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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