Royal Trux - Veterans of Disorder

To this day, it seems bizarre that a band like Royal Trux even happened. As one of the first acts claimed by the early 90s major label 'Alternative' boom, duo Neil Haggerty and Jennifer Herrema were courted by Virgin only to be regurgitated soon after back into the tender arms of Drag City Records. However alien it may be to our currently conservative musical economy that a band of such imaginative, colourful distaste may have once aired outside of pirate radio, Royal Trux have an unsung place in the heritage of modern indie rock.

Following last year's mighty reissue of Accelerator (the musical equivalent of a restless child juiced on Panda Pops), Drag City have delved into their archives once more for its smarter older brethren, 1999's Veterans of Disorder. Listening in 2013, it's easy to be taken aback by how fresh, smart and unshackled the band's ability to turn token classic rock hooks into contorted punk anthems remains. 'Stop' and 'Witch's Tit' are ballads for the unstable, a blessing for those with an instinctual attraction to disheveled beauty. With only one more record in them, it's easy to see VoD as the band making a strong attempt to get the most out of a possibly sinking ship. Focused but carefree, beautiful but openly ugly, above all it stays true to the band's subversive past. Yo Se!



out of 10
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