Roddy Woomble - The Impossible Song & Other Songs

Returning to the folkish leanings he first visited on his debut solo album in 2006, Idlewild frontman Roddy Woomble is clearly not one to sit back and worry about what may have been. ‘A New Day Has Begun’ kicks things off and appears to be a paean to a band that, although officially on hiatus, are probably gone for good. Upsetting though that might be to some, it would give Woomble plenty of time to perfect the role as indie-folk troubadour he displays here. And perfecting it needs, as this is an album loaded with great ideas and lyrics that is let down on occasions by unnecessarily messy arrangements with the jazz-noodling finale to the otherwise enjoyable ‘Roll Along’ being the worst culprit. That said, there is plenty to like here, from the breathless beauty of ‘Hour After Hour’, the classic Idlewild stylings of ‘Leaving Without Gold’ right through to the closing dark brilliance of ‘Between The Old Moon’. His original day job may be gone but Roddy Woomble remains and with a little more care, he can only go from strength to strength.



out of 10
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