Roberts & Lord - Eponymous

The result of a cross-Atlantic collaboration that began on the relatively archaic platform of My Space, Roberts & Lord sees vocalist Simon Lord of Simian and producer Rafter Roberts coming together to create some rather lovely electro-pop. The duo’s playful innocence is evidenced from the start with the bouncy ‘Mosquito’, its programmed hand-claps and simple synth melodies floating around Lord’s crystal clear vocals.

Supposedly influenced by nonsense poets like Lear, the lyrics act more as something for the listener to latch onto amongst the electronic backdrop. Lead single ‘Windmill’ is a peppy mix of straightforward guitars and stomping percussion as they implore the listener to wave your arms. Later on, ‘We Rise, We Fall’ moves from dark and fearless bass throb to soothing vocals and dreamy refrain. Roberts' production skills really come to the fore on the gloomy swagger of ‘Interior Demon’, full of fuzzy beats and exotic strings. Considering the duo have never met in person, it’s impressive how well they’ve merged each other’s talents. Eponymous may not be the most complex of records this year, but it’s damn catchy and a hell of a lot of fun too.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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