RKC - British Plastic

British Plastic from Roses Kings Castles (or BKC), from former Babyshambles member Adam Ficek, starts off really quite promising. 'These Are The Days' has an early Who vibe with a cool noughties Brit Pop feel bubbling above the surface. Yet the rest of the album meanders restlessly from halfhearted Hot Chip electro, as with 'Kittens Become Cats' to watered-down Babyshambles outtakes like 'I Can't Say'.

There are flashes of excellence: the punchy 'People and Places' and the clever lyricism of 'Seeds of Moscow': "Half spent the meanings are uncovered / I could move to Moscow or work for Tesco / Best put these feelings on the cupboard," but it has the feeling of a side project (which it actually was back in 2007 until the demise of his day job) that still hasn't found it's feet.



out of 10
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