Rita Hosking - Little Boat

Country-folk singer Rita Hosking has self-released a number of albums over the last decade and is continuing that trend with mini-album Little Boat, with her husband and daughter playing banjo throughout and her producer fleshing out the rest of the sound on guitar and bass. The genre of female country singer-songwriter isn’t lacking at the moment and you really need to show something exciting to get a look in.

Unfortunately for Hosking, throughout the seven songs here she doesn’t push any boundaries, just plays it very, very straight. The voice, the lyrics, the subject matter – they’re all pretty ordinary country fare. Actually, her tone can be lovely but there’s nothing unique about the sound of it or the overall listening experience. ‘Parting Shots’ begins things as they carry on, with guitars gently picked around Hosking’s thin voice. Some harmonies are weaved into the mix on ‘Where Time Reigns’, and ‘Clean’ is a pleasant enough track, about life working as a maid. ‘Five Star Location’ is a surprise to end, being a protest song and all - “They shipped our jobs to China, from North Carolina.” Strong stuff, but it's a rare peak in otherwise ordinary fare. With Hosking’s sweet and gentle vocals it’s a very lovely mini-album, if all a bit safe. And you need to be better than that to crack this now crowded market.



out of 10

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