Rising - To Solemn Ash

If you didn’t know better, you’d think Danish metallers Rising had been birthed by the Georgia scene that gave us Baroness, Kylesa and heavyweights Mastodon, their sound so close to those bands that it seems almost absurd to think otherwise.

To Solemn Ash is full of taut, chunky riffing and driving bass-lines, all backed up by some pretty booming and ferocious vocals. ‘Sea Of Basalt’ mixes classic-rock guitars with galloping percussion and stabs of heavy distortion to pretty epic effect, but there seems to be no escaping the shadow of those aforementioned acts. That’s not to say that what Rising are doing isn’t good however, as tracks like the cataclysmic ‘Under Callous Wings’ and the dense groove of closing track ‘Seven Riders’ feel almost oppressive under the weight of their heaviness. To Solemn Ash presents a solid, if slightly familiar, collection of tracks to bang your head to.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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