Ringo Deathstarr - Sparkler

Texas trio Ringo Deathstarr seem pretty shameless about the overt My Bloody Valentine / Jesus and Mary Chain influence in their music. Why pretend? You would expect me to say "if you like those bands then you will like this" but that may not be the case as those aforementioned bands did this sort of thing so much better. And while it may now be hard to listen to then without thinking of Sofa Coppola, still why mess around with the classics. That's not to say Sparkler ain't good. It is rather enjoyable and if you can ignore the blatant MBV ripoff of opening track 'Starrsha' or the J&MC-ish 'Swirly', the other tacks are more captivating. 'Some Kind Of Sad' is one of the better J&MC ripoffs and the cool BRMC-esque 'In Love' is good fun. Not a bad outing from this band, now if they can just find their own sound they might go somewhere.



out of 10
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