Rebecca Pronsky - Only Daughter

Hailing, as she does, from Brooklyn you might expect Rebecca Pronsky to peddle the kind of indie-pop-rock-punk hybrid that usually comes from there, rather than the country-tinged sound you’ll hear on her latest album, Only Daughter. Slightly more accessible and familiar than her previous effort, Viewfinder, this album has two distinct feels: it’s either being up-tempo and folk-pop or striking out in an intriguing and contemplative fashion. Having been on the fringes of the country-folk scene for a few years, this could be the right time for her to gain more mainstream notice.

That said, opener 'Rise Up', is an of-the-minute guitar strumming foot-tapper which almost feels out of place with the rest of the album, which has a more interesting mix of songs than this initially suggests. 'Honest' has a little of the late 70s Fleetwood Mac sound to it; 'The Garden' is as close to an old fashioned rocker that you’ll hear here, contrasting nicely with the subtlety of 'Come Down' and 'Another' either side of it. Most of the songs barely scrape three minutes so never outstay their welcome, and overall there’s a satisfying mix of the catchy and uplifting, and reflective ballads. Only Daughter is a good example of the kind of crossover Americana that is gaining popularity at the moment and may just catch the ear of a bigger audience.



out of 10
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