RavenEye - NOVA

There's something to be said for the power a trio of musicians can bring to music. There has been plenty of bands though out the historical musical landscape, Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Muse, Babes In Toyland to name a few, who brought a power that wasn't diminished by the number of people in the band. Adding their name to the mix is the UK's own RavenEye with their debut album NOVA .

Opening with the explosive 'I Wanna Feel You' instantly sets the tone with the lead guitarist of Oli Brown wailing away and his vocals akin to Chris Cornell of Soundgarden . It sets a high standard and a strong bass thump from Aaron Spiers brings the song to levels of groove missing from much of today's mainstream music. Coming from a more blues based background the scope of vocal's and sheer crunching riffs from Brown is a feast to behold, quietly spoken in person, the sound emanating from the speakers sounds like a siren going off on a battlefield.

There's a place and time for organically produced records that sound like they were recorded with a cup on a string but NOVA has an expansive, well produced sound from regular RavenEye producer Warren Riker who provides an overall sonic sheen that brings together each instrument with clarity and purpose.

Stepping up the pace and taking the record further into the atmosphere is the fast paced 'Come With Me' which feels like a call to arms for their increasing rabid fan base. Variety is the spice of life and NOVA delivers in spades; this is undeniably a rock record, but there is diversity to be found. Raw, blues licks abound like 'Oh My Love' and on introspective closer 'Eternity'.

Accomplished and well produced NOVA will surely elevate this surprisingly loud and tight three piece to bigger and better stages around the world. Get in now before the enormo-domes start to call.


An accomplished debut.


out of 10
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