Rachel Sermanni - Under Mountains

Lovely chanteuse Rachel Sermanni unveils her beautiful debut album Under Mountains, and a splendid thing it is too. Sermanni's exquisite voice shines brightly and the production is wisely kept at a minimum to allow it to soar freely above the guitars piano and subtle percussion that keep it company.

Along with first single 'The Fog', the albums's other highlights include the eerie 'Breath Easy', with its ominous bass notes creeping in like a ghost, and the enchanting 'Sea Oh See' which floats along like a fairy tale. Songs like the pretty 'Waltz' and 'Sleep' recall the stark simplicity of Laura Marling whereas others, like 'Bones' and the child-like 'Ever Since The Chocolate', are reminiscent of the eccentric quirkiness of Jesca Hoop. It's a wonderful combination and the album has a fun carnival feel to it, the songs like circus performers parading their talents before you. Truly delightful.



out of 10

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