Puddle Of Mudd - Re:(Disc)overed

People of a certain age may reflect fondly on Puddle Of Mudd; their 2001 major label debut effort Come Clean was great fun, appealing to a demographic not particularly well-served back then. Still, you can't exactly say they've caught alight since and for most people, the main surprise won't be that they're now releasing a covers album, it'll be that they're still going.

It's worth stating that whatever you think of them even attempting the likes of 'Rocket Man' and 'T.N.T.', Re:(disc)overed isn't a terrible album per se but what it is, is utterly pointless. To give the band credit, they have good taste in music and seemingly, they've picked tracks that no matter what you do to them, still remain good songs; their class shines through so, for example, we defy anyone not to belt out the 'Rocket Man' chorus. However the ultimate problem is - and we can't really believe we're saying this - that they rarely attempt to Mudd-y them up a touch. There's merit, however misguided it may prove, in creating a grunge rock version of 'The Joker' but the band just play it straight, as they do with 'With A Little Help From My Friends' and many others. It goes without saying that Puddle Of Mudd were never going to outdo the originals, it's just that by crafting their own version, there may have been more potential for repeat listenings. As it is though, all we can hope from Re:(disc)overed is that it leads someone to discover Billy Squier, Bad Company et al. because otherwise, what exactly was the point?



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