Premonition 13 - 13

The pedigree of Scott “Wino” Weinrich’s previous bands has to be one of the finest in heavy music, running from The Obsessed, through St. Vitus and The Hidden Hand, and most recently the excellent Shrinebuilder project. Premonition 13 sees him combining all he has come to represent into one fine melding of doom, blues and psychedelia. Opening track ‘B.E.A.U.T.Y.’ is a case in point, coming across like a wacked-out Black Sabbath, all atmospherics and classic down-tuned Wino riffing. The two-part centrepiece of the album that is ‘La Hechicera De La Jeringa’, its swirling ambient introduction giving way to classic-rock guitars, Wino’s soulful vocals and an unmistakable groove that is present through the entire record. ‘Deranged Rock ‘N’ Roller’ shows that the man still has a penchant for no thrills, full-throttle rocking with its galloping riffs and skilful soloing. What Premontion 13 shows is that whatever Mr Weinrich turns his hand to is sure to have most excellent results.



out of 10
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