Porcelain Raft - Strange Weekend

The debut LP from multi-instrumentalist Mauro Remiddi is a perfect kick-start to an already burgeoning ‘blog about me' pop career. Recording under the alias of Porcelain Raft, Remiddi’s blissfully ethereal music derives from the same tangibly alien electronica as contemporaries Washed Out and M83. In Remiddi’s case however, he has crafted a cohesive journey of songs that flow perfectly in album form; Porcelain Raft sounds like something more than a mere vessel for killer singles.

His musical strength extends beyond base keyboard, guitar and synth wizardry: he is a talented songwriter who knows exactly how to keep things memorable. These huge, otherworldly drums and synths are really just an external blanket for Remiddi’s mostly traditional song writing, elevated further by his silky, androgynous vocals. Strange Weekend flutters between understated melodic pop and wall-shuddering bass; this record has an immensity to its volume. At just over half an hour, it’s a short, sweet listen that never bloats its listener, offering exactly what you want from experimental music without the pretence.



out of 10
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