Pop Levi - Medicine

It really does surprise me that Pop Levi isn't a massive star, the Surrey-born singer possessing the type of charisma that so many Saturday night hopefuls have wholly lacked. Perhaps his souped-up amalgamation of glam pop, rock swagger and dirty funk harks back to an era that can't compete with chart-topping power pop helmed by Max Martin. Regardless, since he left Ladytron to impress in solo mode, Levi has shown a knack for crafting clever, catchy pop songs. New album Medicine displays this talent for the third time running, but it can't really be called a creative evolution.

It does a fine job of picking up where 2008's Never Never Love left off, the show-off strut of 'Strawberry Shake' setting the tone. Key ingredients: rollickin' riffs, catchy hooks a four year-old could repeat, and Levi confidently, contagiously yelping about the place like the highly-sexed rock star Russell Brand wishes he was. Amidst the slurry of good-time rawk-pop, 'Midnite Runaround' stands out as a surf party second cousin to 'Fell in Love with a Girl', while the electro weirdness of 'Records' slots in nicely. Bolan and Prince continue to be primary influences on the music but also the way Levi carries himself on the record, his centrestage turn dominating the songs and highlighting the appeal. It's just a shame not a great deal of new ground is covered, but what's here is still great fun and the fans will definitely be happy - now, if only he had some more...



out of 10
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