Po Girl - Follow Your Bliss

Imagine if you will a mix of Norah Jones, Lissie and Mumford and Sons; now you’re close to the sound of Po Girl. On this, their fifth studio album, the Canadian band have cemented their jazz, folksy, urban, country mix to a sound that is completely enchanting. Rich in instrumentation, Follow Your Bliss uses the likes of banjos, strings, accordion, clarinet and harmonica for a sound that is simple, yet intriguing. Not shying away from anything different or difficult, the band has managed to create something that’s recognisably theirs while comfortably slipping into today's popular market. Standouts come in the shape of the title track and 'Kathy', joyous and soulful, rich in sound, although the entire album is littered with memorable melodies and licks. This is one of the best roots albums of the year. Set to return to UK shores in 2011, Po Girl come highly recommended.



out of 10
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