Plaid - Scintilli

With a career that has seen them collaborate with Bjork, as well as score films and write alongside composers, Plaid have a long and respected history of creating interesting electronic music. With their last album proper Spokes having been released in 2003, Scintilli has been long awaited.

A varied and colourful journey, this album sees the duo exploring all the facets of their sound, from the twinkling, ethereal guitar lines of opener ‘Missing’ to the dark, sci-fi sound-track atmospherics of ‘Unbank’. For the most part it’s quite a full-on album, with tracks full to the brim with different sounds and synths layered over the top of each other and frantic beats skittering their way through every nook and cranny. However there equally successful moments with the sparser pieces: the sleepy, Boards Of Canada-esque ambience of ‘Craft Nine’ being a particular highlight of the album. While at times their sound can be a little garish and overbearing, Scintilli is otherwise a solid and entertaining album from the electronic duo.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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