Philippe Petit - Henry: The Iron Man

Getting the vinyl treatment by Aagoo is the debut album from French noise monger Philippe Petit (not to be confused with the infamous high wire walker of the same name) with his soundtrack to the imaginary Tsukamoto remake of Eraserhead he dreamt up, Henry: The Iron Man. Side one is filled by snappily titled ‘Salaryman’s Dream’, a twenty minute study in constructing a well-crafted and dense wall of sound; utilising turntables and a veritable collection of assorted sounds, Philippe slowly builds the piece up from gentle beginnings into a cacophonous yet pleasing slab of delicious noise. The second half returns to more sedate waters with manipulations of Buddha machines forming the basis of ‘In Tokyo Henry Spencer Is Fine’ but this is merely an hors d'œuvre to the final track, a deranged butchering of guitars and saxophone that most effectively taps into the psyche of Eraserhead and leaves the listener with that same sense of confusion and disorientation.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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