Phaedra - The Sea

Phaedra is the work of Norwegian singer-songwriter Ingvild Langgard and her debut album The Sea is a glacial collection of fragile melodies and sparse sounds. Taking its cues from traditional folk music, this album is a beautiful journey that sees delicate acoustic guitar, atmospheric harmonium and a little tinkling of the ivories come together on songs that seem timeless from the first listen. Her vocals are the element that shine through however, taking on a choral effect on ‘Honeydewed Autumn’ and almost becoming one with the strings that swim through ‘Oserian’. The first in a trilogy of albums from the talented Nordic songstress, The Sea bodes well for the following instalments as she is sure to weave the same wistful and enchanting mythology throughout the rest of her subsequent releases. A cold and mysterious triumph.



out of 10
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