Peter Gabriel - New Blood - Live In London

For more than forty years Peter Gabriel has produced outstanding music and stunningly original stage shows so a new DVD is normally something to savour but this record of two recent shows at Hammersmith Apollo is sadly lacking impact and light on thrills.

Musically there is little to fault this set and, on the night, it was probably an exhilarating experience but, shorn of the electricity produced by an expectant audience, it all comes across as a little cold and staid. Perhaps it is the minimal lighting or the slow-paced arrangement of almost every song but in the cold light of your living room, there is nothing here that warrants repeated viewing. Heaven only knows why this is also available in 3D. For fans of Gabriel, of which I am one, you are best served by sticking to the two albums, Scratch My Back & New Blood, which, even with their flaws, provide far more entertainment than this disappointing DVD.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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