Peaking Lights - 936

When 936 was originally released by LA-based lo-fi label Not Not Fun earlier in the year, it swiftly garnered a cult following, with the label having to repress soon after due to overwhelming sales. Now picked up by the Domino-affiliated Weird World, Peaking Lights are getting the step-up that their off-beat psychedelic dub deserves.

As opening tracks ‘Synthy’ and ‘All The Sun That Shines’ show, 936 is somewhat of a hazy, slow-burning record, gradually building layers of crackling synthesizers and droning instrumentation that lifts the listener into a kind of acid-induced hypnosis. The faintest ghost of a guitar melody drives through the primitive percussion and spacey electronics of ‘Amazing aAnd Wonderful’, while Indra Dunis chants away in the background as she is swept up in the looseness of the track. It’s difficult not to be sucked into the swelling, morphing nature of each track, the duo crafting a warped yet soothing world for the listener to completely lose themselves in. 936 is as impressive now as it was when it was first released back in March, so here’s hoping that other people get enveloped in their brilliant, technicolor universe.



out of 10
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