Paper Aeroplanes - We Are Ghosts

Welsh duo Paper Aeroplanes return to us with a follow-up to 2009's delightful Day We Ran Into The Sea. Lead vocalist Sarah Howells sounds as enchanting as ever; the arrangements are lush but never over-layered and the tunes are cleverly-penned angst-ridden odes. The band have dispensed with the poppier sound of their debut and gone for a stripped down folk acoustic approach. 'Days We Made' starts things off nicely, Richard Llewellyn's acoustic guitar gently accompanying Howells' pretty soprano, closely followed by the lovely 'Safe Hands'. The sprightly 'My First Love' shows a glint of the old oomph; Howells' confident vocals enveloped around a melody worthy of The Sundays. However this stand-out track makes the others seem just ever-so slightly washed out, like colours fading in the wash. Paper Aeroplanes are at their best when they forget the folky angst and brazenly embrace the pop melodies they are so good at producing. All in all, an album that is neatly folded but never really takes off.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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