Palma Violets - Danger In The Club

What future for that mini-wave of guitar-wielding Brits from a couple of years back? Moderate critical acclaim for the likes of Peace and Swim Deep hasn't been reflected in pension pot sales, and Palma Violets haven't exactly found themselves on the 'whistling bin man' playlist either. What the London four piece delivered on 2013’s 180 was a punkish, ragged take on indie that was enjoyable enough - largely due to its live in the studio feel - if hardly life changing.

On their second attempt the Lambeth scallywags keep the ramshackle feel but ramp up the melodies (the title track, 'Matador') and John Leckie's polish on the production that makes it a more radio-friendly listen. On 'The Jacket Song' there's a glimpse of a more tender - and accomplished - side to them, but old habits die hard and 'Secrets Of America' stumbles under the onslaught of drums. Danger In The Club is largely more of the same then, albeit one that's clearly had a little more care given to it. Is it enough to radically change Palma Violets' fortunes? Probably not, but suck it and see for yourself.


An improved second effort from the Lambeth lads.


out of 10

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