OvO - Cor Cordium

The two masked hell-raisers that make up OvO have created an album that can only be described as a discordant, schizophrenic and shockingly evil mess, albeit an extremely enjoyable one. Fuzzy lumbering bass lines, simple percussion and dirty riffs play the backing music to groans and screams that could only have materialised directly from hell's mouth. The angular Shellac-like guitars of ‘Nosferatu’ pierce through as vocals that resemble Gollum going for a root canal, twist and yelp throughout. ‘Penumbra Y Caos’ sounds like an even more deranged Todd, channelling a wilful abandonment and free-form, chaotic racket exploring thrashing drums and great, distorted slabs of drone with a little added electronic squall. The ominous sheets of bass that arise from ‘Smelling Death Around’ are made even more dread-filled by the creepy, processed and high pitched voice. It doesn’t get much more fucked up than Cor Cordium; the worrying thing is you’ll probably enjoy it.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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